Research indicates 67% of interviewed subjects thought their aches and pains were related to things they do, or equipment used, at work (e.g. using the mouse for long periods, long duration and intensive typing, sitting in same position most of day, poor chairs, workstation set-up)*.

Ergoeffect services include:

individual ergonomic workstation assessments:

  • Discussion of employee’s role including task analysis, current work practices
    and any history of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)
  • Review of workstation layout and design including chair, desk, monitor, keyboard, mouse, telephone, document holder and storage facilities
  • Employee education and self adjustments for optimal ergonomic workstation
    set up
  • Office based “fitness” including stretches/exercises/rest breaks
  • Handouts outlining principles of correct ergonomic workstation layout and stretches/exercises
  • Reports identifying areas of concern and recommendations for equipment
  • Rest break software

Ergoeffect provides a range of Workstation Assessments and reports from comprehensive to tick box ergonomic checklists.

home based ergonomic workstation assessments:

  • It is just as important for employees to adopt an optimal workstation layout at home as it is in the workplace
  • Employers are required, under the WH&S Act, to ensure that an employee’s home office is set up with appropriate and correctly adjusted equipment
  • Ergoeffect will assess the home workstation design and layout and make recommendations to reduce the risk of injury in the home environment

workstation equipment/furniture:

  • Review of current workstation equipment
  • Recommendations

Ergoeffect will assist you to select the most appropriate and cost effective workstation equipment taking into account an employee’s physical characteristics, task requirements and work practices.

*Health & Safety Executive 2002 Uni of Surry, Loughbrough University. Research Report 045.